Sunday, 4 August 2013

Scottish Wildcat SOS

Proposed..Scottish Wildcat SOS Trust

Things have been moving along in the background in regard to the Scottish Wildcat. Not all good. The Scottish Wildcat Association have decided to close in favour of the new Wild Cat Trust (not to be confused with The Wild Cat Club)

The Good News is :- The Wild Cat Club is about to set up The Scottish Wildcat SOS charity(already in progress as a facebook page) We strongly feel that emphasis still needs to be directed solely towards The Scottish Wildcat.

The Haven area in the Western Highlands of Scotland which the SWA were working towards for later releases of DNA tested and monitored Wildcats with the possibility of still finding remnant groups of the wild cat is still to continue and will hopefully manage to get the funds in place for further equipment for further investigations and a rewilding programme, tests for genetic accuracy, collars, monitoring and camera equipment are all required but sadly lacking in funds.
We need your help/the wildcats need your help.
This is where we hope the general public will step in and try to bail out the most endangered cat on the planet and it is here in the UK right under our noses.

The Scottish Wildcat is treading water and drowning fast. The picture says it all. Save us from extinction.

Public funding you may say from lotteries and other recognised sources,possibley the government, in short not a hope of any funding from these at present. The Scottish Wildcat is definitely a charity cat that dedicated volunteers are doing whatever is within their power to try and help these cats from extinction.

Artists are working diligently in the background giving as much of their time and money to raise funds for The Haven and it's future. The Haven was the dream of the Scottish Wildcat Association we are told that it will still be managed under The Wildcat Trust,it is still operational and will remain operational and hopefully gain more support by volunteers working out in the field and captive breeding programmes..

The Scottish Wildcat SOS are at present trying to find premises for a suitable wildcat sanctuary in the Cornwall/ Devon area, we are hoping that a nice area with the correct natural prey for the cats for captive breeding and rehabilitation of the Scottish Wildcat will become available hopefully for a later totally smooth natural re-introduction into the Haven in the Scottish Highlands can become an actuality. Negotiations are taking place at present. Although early days as yet.

All areas of these projects need funding from the science aspect to the conservation effort.

Please find the link below for our facebook page, daily updates are made please feel free to join us.
Dedicated Volunteers are very welcome as is any funding. Further updates will be made as we hopefully move forward.

To Clarify a couple of points outlined above

Scottish Wildcat SOS Trust is hoping to cover all aspects of helping to save the Scottish Wildcat. Their is a lot of ground to cover in this and not just one area ...Their are zoos and sanctuaries at present operating controlled breeding programmes on very limited numbers of the cats that are available.these are far behind due to finances.
DNA tests need to be undertaken to clarify whether the existing cats in their care are viable for the breeding programme if not they will discuss and decide what will happen from there. in the meantime these cats need daily care, housing, feeding, monitoring and checked for diseases. all of this costs money.

People need to be researching in the Highlands and working with the appropriate people to ascertain whether their are Pure Scottish Wildcats free roaming and to see if their are any viable cats remaining there.
Field workers need to be utilized. Camera traps need to be re established .. they get worn, broken and stolen...

The proposed Scottish Wildcat Trust is at present looking for suitable land or area for breeding and preparing cats that are genetically suitable to be placed into the Haven area which is the proposed area for the re-introduction. It is hoped to be part of an educational programme too.
Any monies, if any that are raised for the Scottish Wildcats will be given to which ever area needs the donation the most at the time.

Could this hand reared baby wildcat born 4 weeks ago and 5 years in the making help save the Scottish Wildcat

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cat Survival Trust Sikkim Newsletter

Please click link below for the latest news bulletin from the Cat Survival Trust
Featuring what is new at the Trust and the work on captive releases back into their natural habitat in Sikkim.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Scottish Wildcat Latest

Picture copyright to The Scottish Wildcat Association

The Scottish Wildcat on spy below.
How to tell a wildcat from a hybrid or feral link below

The Scottish wild cat gets very little publication or recognition amongst the general public in the UK. Their are estimated to be only 35 true pure specimens of this species remaining here. All the others are classified as hybrids. Much work is needed to make it known about this, our own forgotten wildcat species in the UK. I would hope that you can help by spreading the word.Scientists have perfected a DNA test to assist in verifying the true cats, other organisations are working to find a way to breed an release back into the wild these pure cats.Large expanses of land is needed as is a large amount of money too..How can you help.. Join the group today

When this film was made by the BBC 2 years ago their was believed to be about 400 pure wildcats now their is thought to be as little as 35.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Cats Survival Trust Tour Thursday 16 August

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Please take time to visit The Cats Survival Trust implemented and run by Dr Terry Moore.

Next Talk And Tour run by Dr Terry Moore
Location: Codicote Road (between Welwyn village and Codicote) Look for the Farm Shop!
Time:Thursday Evening 16th August 2012
..Limited Spaces for the tours please apply early

Please contact the Trust directley to confirm time, date and to book your place. Early application is advised as the places fill very quickly. Other dates and times to be confirmed by the trust. Please contact the trust directley for further details.

Dr Moore has been working for the survival of the Snow leopards and other of the large wild cats in his care, from his estate in Hertfordshire since 1976. Also in Argentina.
Please click link to read more about his lifetime work and achievements with these beautiful cats.
Don't forget to sponsor a cat whilst your there.

Nina Has truly become the star of The Cat Survival Trust.
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For the First Talk N Tour of 2012
You can also click facebook link to express interest in attending/visiting the Trust!/events/244123115683809/

Meet Dr.Terry Moore and his beautiful Big Cats in person.
This is not a Zoo,But a home whereby Dr Moore works to help with the Survival of some of the Worlds most endangered big cat species.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lynx Should it be re-introduced to the UK!/UKLynx Rick Offland
Facebook Discussion group on whether the Lynx should be re-introduced back into the UK after being extinct here for 1500 years.